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PLAY A SPORT FOR WINNERS – JOIN ECCLESHALL TENNIS CLUB and encourage others as well.  Yes, tennis in GB is definitely a sport for winners so why not join up and play a high profile sport that produces winners for GB.   To check out members playing groups go to Join Us then Court Reservations page.

MEMBERSHIP 2014-15   – details are on the “Join Us” page . So don’t delay – get yourself joined up with us straight away and take advantage of great playing facilities and one of the cheapest membership rates in the region.

A CAUTIONARY TALE – this is for all of you players who can’t be bothered to move loose balls from the court whilst a game is in progress.  Well apart from the danger of tripping on a loose ball and hurting yourself it could mean the difference between winning and losing a match.  At a recent men’s doubles match and on match point a ball was returned in play and before the opponents could return it had landed on a loose ball left lying a couple of feet from the net.  This impact rendered the ball unplayable and thus the match point was won much to the opponents dismay.                             You have been warned.


Happy tennising.




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